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Survey forms are designed to aid in conducting surveys of any nature. They are records of the findings of such surveys, the methodology of the operation, the conclusions drawn, etc. Survey forms must be designed according to the specific nature of the survey to be conducted. The form is usually designed as a question, that is, in an interrogative mode. The questions asked should be pointed, direct, unambiguous, yet comprehensive, addressing all the aspects of the topic on which the survey is being conducted. Some examples of survey forms are as follows:

  • Market survey forms: These, as the name suggests, deal with the emerging trends in the market, brands, and consumption patterns of sections of society.
  • Geographical survey forms are concerned with the changes in landforms, water bodies, etc. Usually, surveys are concerned with some kind of analysis that leads to definite inferences being drawn.
  • Health survey forms: These are designed by leading medical companies to predict and formulate the significant lifestyle and health hazards that beset society. The questions framed must pertain to the nature of the survey and be relevant.

There are many other kinds of survey forms as well. The importance of survey forms is manifold. Some key advantages of using survey forms are as follows:

  • They serve as data repositories that can be referred to later or cross-referred.
  • They help organize and produce a coherent outline that benefits the survey.
  • Survey forms can be compared and contrasted with predicting trends and probability.

At this site, you can study various types of survey forms.

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