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Disability forms are written to seek the benefits or exemptions that disabled or ‘specially-able’ persons are entitled to. They have a broad level of applicability. Government institutions like colleges, government posts, or social security agencies can require disability forms. They can even be mandatory for flying, traveling by train, etc. Some of the common questions that are usually asked by disability forms are as follows:

  • Details of personal information, including name, age, and postal address.
  • Details of medical reports, prior medical history, cause, and previous and current treatment of disability.
  • Details of physical statistics like height, weight, etc.
  • For social security reasons, the social security number and the employment status of the disabled person assume vital importance.
  • Detail of previous work is also required.

Disability forms must be filled out carefully. If the information provided is faulty or inaccurate, legal proceedings may be commenced against the offender. These forms address every conceivable issue related to the disability and physical and health conditions of the applicant. Government officials and health care specialists must attest to disability forms. All records of medical history, including a doctor’s certificate, must be attached to lend credence to claims of disability. The importance of disability forms is as follows:

  • They are a repository of data about disabled persons for future reference.
  • They help judge the accuracy and verity of disability claims.

Disability forms are thus essential in opting for the privileges that disabled persons are entitled to and must be written carefully.

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