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Eviction forms are used by landlords when their tenants fall behind on payments on leased premises according to the lease agreement. Eviction forms act as a contract between property owners and tenants through which an agreement is made on the action taken if the tenant defaults on payment. There are three types of eviction forms.

The first is the three-day pay or quit notice which requires the tenant to pay his dues in three days or vacate the premises. The second is the three-day notice to comply with the lease or vacate. It is used on tenants who do not comply with lease agreements. The third is the no-cause notice to vacate used by landlords who wish their tenants to vacate after the lease ends. Eviction forms usually give the tenants a period of notice before it comes into effect and terminates the lease agreement. Tenants have to vacate the property or pay their rent.

Eviction Notice Form

Eviction Notice Form

Many people have no clue how to go about evicting a tenant and in most cases make mistakes that turn against them in a...