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Query forms are mainly used to ask a query from a party, company, or any other group. These documents are essential in business companies, banks, and legal bodies. People can use them to raise doubts or ask questions about which they are unclear or unsure.

Query forms are printed documents created formally following a specific format. Sometimes, query forms can be in the form of objective questions through which the organization can determine the area where the applicant lacks knowledge and provide him/her with the same. But most times, they are personal papers with ample space left for the query.

The following are a few examples of query forms:

  • Software query form
  • Business query form
  • Legal query form


Since these are essential documents, there has to be a pattern followed to frame them correctly. The following points shall help understand such a form:

At the beginning of the document, space is left for the applicant to fill in his details, including name, address, contact number, etc..…

The second part has enough space for the applicant to fill in his query or doubt.

In the end, he is required to sign the form.

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