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Residential Security Survey Form

Residential Security Survey Form


The residential security survey form is conducted by the residential security companies in order to establish the effectiveness of the security system implemented.

Residential Security Survey Template
Residential Security Survey Template

You can Download the Residential Security Survey Form Template, customize it according to your needs, and Print it. Residential Security Survey template is either in MS Word or Editable PDF.

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Doors and Windows:

Questions about the types of locks on doors and windows, and also whether they are properly secured.


Sections to assess outdoor lighting and also whether there are dark areas around the property.

Alarm Systems:

Inquiry about whether a home security alarm system is installed and also monitored.


Questions about how valuables are stored within the home.

General Security Practices:

Areas to explore security measures like deadbolts, security bars, and homeowner habits regarding locking doors and also windows.

Awareness and Preparedness:

Questions to gauge residents’ awareness of neighborhood crime trends and also preparedness for potential security emergencies.


Security Assessment:

The template helps residents assess the strengths and weaknesses of their home security measures by prompting them to answer questions about various security aspects.

Identifying Risks:

By identifying potential security risks around the property, residents can take steps to mitigate those risks and improve their overall home security.

Crime Prevention:

A well-secured home is less likely to targeted by criminals. The survey can also

help residents become more aware of crime prevention strategies.

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