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Network Survey Form

Network Survey Form


A network survey form helps to determine the current trends of using the network and also the security measures taken on a particular network .These forms help IT software companies to know the pattern of network used by large section of the society.

Network Survey Template
Network Survey Template
Network Survey Template
Network Survey Template

You can Download the Network survey form Template, customize it according to your needs, and Print it. Network survey form is either in MS Word or Editable PDF.

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Network Security:

Questions about the types of security measures used to protect the network (firewalls, encryption)
Employee awareness of cybersecurity best practices (e.g., not clicking on suspicious links)

Network Performance:

Inquiries about download/upload speeds, frequency of network outages, and overall response times experienced by employees.

Network Usage:

Sections to identify the most common applications or resources employees access on the network
Questions about how often employees use video conferencing or cloud-based applications.

User Experience:

Ratings on overall satisfaction with the network reliability and technical support responsiveness.
Open ended sections for employees to elaborate on any network-related issues they face.


Network Assessment:

The template helps assess the strengths and weaknesses of your organization’s network infrastructure by prompting questions about various aspects.

Identify Problem Areas:

By analyzing employee responses, businesses can identify areas where their network infrastructure may be lacking and prioritize improvements. For instance, the survey might reveal slow connection speeds or frequent outages in certain departments.

Improved Network Planning:

The data from the network survey can inform future network planning and budgeting decisions. Understanding how employees use the network can help businesses allocate resources efficiently to address bandwidth limitations or upgrade equipment where necessary.

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