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Work Verification Form

Work Verification Form


The work verification form is used by temporary or day workers. They are contracted to work on a single day. They are issued by a third-party client who does so at the end of the contracted work day to the temporary or day worker.

It has to be approved by the department in question and contains the temporary worker’s name. Work location, date, and hours clocked on that particular day.

Work Verification Template
Work Verification Template

You can Download the Work Verification Form Template, customize it according to your needs, and Print it. Work Verification Form Template is either in MS Word or Editable PDF.

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Employee Information:

A section to record the employee’s name, former or current status (employed, terminated), and dates of employment (if applicable).

Verification of Employment and Title:

A section to confirm the employee’s job title while employed at the company.

Wage Verification (Optional):

A section to confirm the employee’s salary or wages (an hourly rate or salary and pay frequency) while employed at the company. This section may be optional depending on the employer’s policy or state laws.


A section for the employee to sign and authorize the release of this information to the requesting party.

Employer Signature:

A designated space for the employer (or a representative authorized to release employee information) to sign and verify the accuracy of the information provided.



The template ensures a consistent format for verifying an employee’s work history and also wage information (if applicable).


By having designated sections for specific details, the template helps reduce the risk of errors or missing information.


Using a template streamlines the work verification process for both the employer and the requesting party.


The form help ensure that employment and also wage information (if applicable) is only released with the employee’s authorization.

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