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Insurance Release Liability Form

Insurance Release Liability Form


An insurance release liability form is used to protect an organization or individuals from any potential lawsuit from someone who has been hurt due to any activity organised by the organization.

This is mostly used for sporting events or other activities where there is a risk for injury or any other damages to the participant who may later sue the organizers for his condition.

This can also help one to be protected from the hassles of a court hearing or trial as well as from a claim which exceeds one’s insurance policy limit.

Insurance Release Liability Form
Insurance Release Liability Form

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Participant Information:

A section to collect the participant’s name, address, phone number, email address, and also league information

Assumption of Risk:

A statement acknowledging that the participant understands and also accepts the risks of participating in the activity.

Insurance Information:

the participant to provide details about their insurance policy, including the name of the insurance company and also policy number.

Medical Conditions:

where the participant can disclose any pre-existing medical conditions that the organizers should be aware of.

Release of Liability:

A statement where the participant right to the organizers for any injury or death resulting from their participation in the activity.


Space for the participant’s signature and date, acknowledging their acceptance of the terms of the release.


Reduced Risk for Organizations:

An insurance release of liability form helps organizations because to reduce their legal risk by demonstrating that participants knowingly assumed the risks of participating in the activity.

Protection for Participants:

The form can also serve to protect participants by encouraging them to consider the risks involved in the activity before participating.

Clear Communication:

By requiring participants to sign the form, because organizations can ensure clear communication of the risks and also limitations of liability.

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