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Product complaint form

Product complaint form

Product complaint form is used to register the complaints and issues related with the products. A product complaint can be submitted on the base of poor product performance, excessive prices and low quality, etc.

Product complaint Template
Product complaint Template

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Customer Information:

Collects contact details like name, email, and phone number for efficient communication.

Product Details:

Identifies the specific product involved in the complaint, including model number, purchase date, and store location (if applicable).

Complaint Description:

Provides a space for customers to describe the issue they’re facing in detail.

Severity Rating:

Enables customers to indicate the urgency of their complaint (e.g., minor inconvenience, major malfunction).

Desired Resolution:

Offers options for how the customer would like the issue addressed (e.g., replacement, refund, repair).


Improved Customer Satisfaction:

By providing a platform for voicing concerns, companies can address issues promptly and improve customer satisfaction.

Efficient Problem-Solving:

Structured forms allow for gathering crucial details quickly, facilitating faster resolution.

Product Improvement:

Complaint data helps identify recurring problems and areas for product improvement.

Legal Documentation:

Documented complaints can be helpful for legal purposes, especially if safety concerns are involved.

Increased Customer Loyalty:

Prompt and effective resolution of complaints can foster customer trust and loyalty.

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