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Liability Release Waiver Form

Liability Release Waiver Form


A liability release waiver form is an extension of the liability consent form which is used to waive, release or give up a right, like releasing one from his/her liability for any harm or damage that may occur from performing under an agreement, or participating in an activity.

Some activities are considered potentially dangerous, and those who participate in such events, especially may be required to sign a release form, accepting that they are voluntarily participating in the activities and are aware of the dangers involved. The release is like an assurance to the party requesting the release that they will not be subjected to litigation as a result of the signing party’s activities.

Liability Release Waiver Template
Liability Release Waiver Template
Liability Release Waiver Template
Liability Release Waiver Template

You can Download the Liability Release Waiver Template, customize it according to your needs, and Print it. Liability Release Waiver Form Template is either in MS Word or Editable PDF.

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Identification of Parties:

Clearly identifies the releasing party (participant) and the party being released of liability (business/organization).

Description of Activity:

Defines the specific activity or event for which liability is being waived.

Acknowledgement of Risks:

Outlines the inherent risks and dangers associated with the activity. This may include physical injury, property damage, or even death.

Release of Liability:

The core provision where the participant waives their right to sue the releasing party for any injuries, damages, or losses sustained during the activity, except in cases of gross negligence or intentional misconduct.

Medical Authorization (Optional):

May include a section authorizing the releasing party to seek medical treatment for the participant in case of an emergency.


Designated areas for the participant and, sometimes, a witness to sign and date the form.


Reduced Legal Risk:

The primary benefit is for the business/organization. A signed waiver helps shield them from lawsuits stemming from accidents or injuries that occur during the activity, even if they were partially at fault.

Promotes Participation:

By clarifying potential risks upfront, waivers can encourage participation in activities that might otherwise seem intimidating.

Sets Clear Expectations:

The form establishes a clear understanding between both parties regarding responsibilities and limitations of liability.

Protects Participants (Indirectly):

By requiring participants to acknowledge the risks, it may encourage them to act more cautiously and responsibly during the activity.

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