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Landlord Tenant Complaint Template

Landlord Tenant Complaint Form


The landlord tenant complaint form is a legal document which is used by either the tenant or the landlord for issuing specific complaints against either party under the court of law. The form contains a general layout where the defendant and the plaintiff can enter the necessary information.

Landlord Tenant Complaint  Template
Landlord Tenant Complaint Template
Landlord Tenant Complaint  Template
Landlord Tenant Complaint Template

You can Download the Landlord Tenant Complaint Form Template, customize it according to your needs, and Print it. Landlord Tenant Complaint Form Template is either in MS Word or Editable PDF.

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Parties Involved:

Identifies the landlord and also tenant involved in the complaint.

Complaint Details:

A section for tenants to describe the nature of their complaint in detail. There may be options to select specific categories.

Date and Time:

Designated fields for recording the date and also time the complaint occurred.

Additional Information:

Areas for the tenant to provide any additional information relevant to the complaint, such as witnesses or photos as evidence.

Desired Resolution :

A section for the tenant to indicate their preferred outcome for the complaint resolution.

Signatures :

Designated lines for the tenant to sign and date the form.


Formal Documentation:

The template provides a standardized way to document complaints related to the rental property. This can be helpful if the issue is not resolved promptly and also needs to be escalated to relevant authorities.

Clear Communication:

The form encourages clear communication by prompting tenants to provide specific details about the complaint, including the date, time, and also any witnesses involved.

Improved Response Time:

A standardized complaint form can help ensure tenants submit all the necessary information for efficient investigation and also response.

Record Keeping:

Completed complaint forms serve as a record of tenant complaints and how they were addressed. This can be helpful for future reference in case of recurring issues or legal disputes.

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