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Liability Consent Form

Liability Consent Form


A liability consent form is used to waive the liability or give consent to any event. It is mostly used by school or other educational institutes with minor students where the authorities often have to take permission from the parents so that the children can participate in various activities.

Evens like field trips or excursions may see some unfortunate incidents even though the authorities are careful, and as a result of this parents may sue the school. By signing this form, the guardians give their consent and also do not hold the educational institute liable for any damages of expenses taking place during that particular activity.

Liability Consent Template
Liability Consent Template
Liability Consent Template
Liability Consent Template

You can Download the Liability Consent Form Template, customize it according to your needs, and Print it. Liability Consent Form Template is either in MS Word or Editable PDF.

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Parties Involved:

Identifies the student, parent or guardian giving consent, and also the school. There are sections to record their names, addresses, and also contact information.

Activity Details:

The form may specify the details of the school activity in which the child will be participating .

Risk Acknowledgement:

A section for the parent or guardian to acknowledge the inherent risks associated with the activity.

Medical Authorization:

In some cases, the form may include a section authorizing the school to provide emergency medical treatment in case of an accident or injury.


A designated space for the parent or guardian to sign the form, indicating their consent for the child to participate in the activity.


Protection for Schools:

The form helps schools protect themselves from lawsuits in case of an accident or injury during a school-sanctioned activity, and also according to safety guidelines.

Informed Consent:

By requiring parents or guardians to sign the form, schools ensure they are aware of the risks involved in the activity.

Clear Communication:

The form promotes clear communication between parents/guardians and also the student participation in activities.

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