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Sub Contractor Assessment Form

Sub Contractor Assessment Form


The sub contractor assessment form is a document which all companies periodically use in order to examine the work performance of the subcontractor. There can be various layouts used for the form but it is important that certain general issues like safety and hazard concerns, work quality etc is addressed.

Sub Contractor Assessment Template
Sub Contractor Assessment Template
Sub Contractor Assessment Template
Sub Contractor Assessment Template

You can Download the Sub Contractor Assessment Form Template, customize it according to your needs, and Print it. Sub Contractor Assessment Form Template is either in MS Word or Editable PDF.

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Subcontractor Information:

Sections to capture the subcontractor’s name, contact information, and business license or registration details.

Evaluation Criteria:

A defined set of criteria for assessing subcontractors in various areas

Rating Scales:

May include rating scales for each evaluation criteria to standardize scoring and also simplify comparisons between subcontractors.

Space for Comments:

Sections for the contractor to add comments regarding the subcontractor’s strengths and weaknesses based on the evaluation.

Overall Assessment:

A designated area for the contractor to summarize their overall assessment of the subcontractor and also suitability for the project.


Improved Decision Making:

A subcontractor assessment template helps contractors systematically evaluate potential subcontractors based on pre-defined criteria. This can reduce the risk of selecting unqualified or unreliable subcontractors for a project.

Streamlined Process:

The template ensures a consistent and efficient process for evaluating all potential subcontractors. This can save contractors time and also resources during the selection process.

Stronger Project Performance:

Choosing qualified subcontractors is essential for successful project completion. By using a subcontractor assessment template, contractors can increase their chances of selecting subcontractors who will deliver high-quality work and meet project deadlines.

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