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Trainer Feedback Form

Trainer Feedback Form


A trainer feedback form is needed to do the performance evaluation of a trainer for a specific training or for a group of trainings conducted at specific time duration or in a combined set of locations. The trainer is to assessed on several parameters like communication skills, value addition, good explanation skills, practical knowledge and also theoretical knowledge displayed, the pace, and the query resolution skills. The following sample trainer feedback form will guide you on the format and content that is to be followed to design a good trainer feedback form.

Trainer Feedback Template
Trainer Feedback Template
Online Trainer Feedback Template
Online Trainer Feedback Template
Trainer Feedback Template
Trainer Feedback Template


You can Download the Trainer Feedback Form Template, customize it according to your needs, and Print it. Trainer Feedback Form Template is either in MS Word or Editable PDF.

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Standardized format:

The template ensures all the necessary information is collected from participants in a consistent format. This can help to improve efficiency and accuracy when evaluating training programs.

Multiple evaluation methods:

The template may include a variety of question formats to gather feedback, such as:

Multiple-choice questions
Likert scale questions (where participants rate their agreement with a statement)
Open-ended questions for comments and suggestions

Focus on specific areas:

The template can be customized to target specific aspects of the training program, such as the content, delivery, materials, or overall satisfaction.


Improved training quality:

By gathering feedback from participants, trainers can identify areas for improvement and make adjustments to future training sessions.

Increased engagement:

When participants feel their voice is heard, they are more engaged in the training process.

Identify strengths and weaknesses:

Feedback helps trainers understand what worked well and what needs improvement.

Demonstrate value:

Trainer feedback used to demonstrate the value of training programs to stakeholders.

Identify areas for further development:

Trainer feedback can help trainers identify areas where they may need to develop their skills.

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