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Lease Buyout Form

Lease Buyout Form


A lease buyout form is a document which is framed by the lessor with the aim of terminating the lease contract of his lessee prior to the actual date of termination as decided in the original lease contract. It is a legal document and also thus must written in an appropriate manner.

A lease buyout form can be initiated only by the lessor and he has to pay a certain amount of compensation to the lessee.

Lease Buyout Template
Lease Buyout Template

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Parties Involved:

Identifies the lessor (landlord) and lessee (tenant) entering into the agreement.

Original Lease Agreement:

References the original lease agreement and specifies the date it was signed.

Early Termination:

Allows the lessee to terminate the original lease agreement early, on a specific date.


Requires the lessee to pay the lessor a compensation amount to terminate the lease early.

Vacate Date:

Specifies the date by which the lessee must vacate the property.

Dispute Resolution:

Specifies that any disagreements regarding the agreement will addressed in a court of law.


Includes space for the lessor, lessee, and also their legal advisor to sign the agreement.


Immediate Cash:

Provides immediate access to a lump sum of cash instead of waiting for future rental payments.

Reduced Risk:

Eliminates the risk of the tenant defaulting on rent payments

Vacancy Certainty:

Avoids the hassle of finding a new tenant

Ownership Opportunity:

Allows the tenant to acquire ownership of the property sooner than planned.

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