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Garage Lease Form

Garage Lease Form


A garage lease form is a formal agreement used by the landlord to set forth the terms of leasing a garage to a tenant. A garage or a parking space is often leased out separately from leasing a house, that is, an additional charge is required to be paid to use this space. So for using the garage, the tenant pays a rent to the landlord and also a refundable deposit, just like leasing a house.

Garage Lease Template
Garage Lease Template
Garage Lease Fillable PDF Template
Garage Lease Fillable PDF Template

You can Download the Garage Lease Template, customize it according to your needs, and Print it. Garage Lease Template is either in MS Word or Editable PDF.

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Identification of Parties:

Clearly identifies the landlord and tenant with contact information.

Description of Property:

Details the specific garage space being leased, including size, location (building, floor), and any included features (shelves, lighting).

Term and Rent:

Specifies the lease duration (start and end date) and the monthly rent amount, including due date and late fees (if applicable).

Permitted Use:

Outlines the allowed uses of the garage (vehicle storage, limited storage of specific items).

Prohibited Activities:

Lists activities not allowed within the garage (hazardous materials storage, mechanical work, commercial use).

Access and Security:

Defines access procedures (key fob, code), shared access details (if applicable), and security responsibilities (landlord vs tenant).

Maintenance and Repairs:

Clarifies who is responsible for maintaining the garage space and any necessary repairs (normal wear and tear vs. tenant damage).


Specifies if utilities (electricity) are included in the rent or if the tenant is responsible for separate billing.

Termination Clause:

Outlines the conditions under which either party can terminate the lease early (notice period, breach of contract).


Includes designated signature lines for both landlord and tenant, with date of signing.


For Landlords:

Clear Expectations:

Provides a documented agreement that outlines expectations for both parties, minimizing potential disputes.

Secured Rent:

Guarantees regular rental income for the duration of the lease.

Reduced Maintenance:

Shifts responsibility for minor repairs and upkeep to the tenant.

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