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Character Verification Form

Character Verification Form


A character verification form is used to verify the character of an individual to confirm his identity and credentials. This type of form contains the personal details of the individual and sometimes also information of his family and previous employer.

Character Verification Template
Character Verification Template
Character Verification Template
Character Verification Template

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Standardized format:

Ensures consistency and completeness of information provided, including details about the subject and the verifier.

Verification options:

May include sections for assessing qualities like honesty, reliability, work ethic, or teamwork.

Optional reference section:

Allows the verifier to provide contact details for further inquiries.

May include tamper-proof elements or use official letterhead from the issuing organization.


Increased trust:

Provides a formal document verifying a person’s character, fostering trust in professional or volunteer settings.

Streamlined verification process:

Saves time and effort compared to gathering references through informal channels.

Reduced risk:

Helps organizations make informed decisions about potential employees, tenants, or volunteers.

Protection for the verified person:

Provides a documented record of positive character traits.

Consistent presentation:

Ensures a professional and uniform way to present character references.

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