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Purchase Order Requisition Form

Purchase Order Requisition Form


A purchase order requisition form is a formally drafted document which is used by employees or departments of a company to place purchase orders.

This form is used like a template document in almost every company so that employees can readily use the form as and when required.

Purchase Order Requisition Template
Purchase Order Requisition Template
Online Purchase Order Requisition Template
Online Purchase Order Requisition Template
Online Purchase Order Requisition Template
Online Purchase Order Requisition Template

You can Download the Purchase Order Requisition Template, customize it according to your needs, and Print it. Purchase Order Requisition Template is either in MS Word or Editable PDF.

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Item Details:

Allows specifying the requested items, including quantity, description, and unit price.


Provides a space to explain the reason for the purchase and how it aligns with departmental needs.

Vendor Information:

Captures details about the preferred vendor, including name and contact information.

Estimated Cost:

Enables estimation of the total purchase cost.

Approval Workflow:

May include sections for departmental and/or budgetary approvals before proceeding to the purchasing department.

Attachment Options:

Allows attaching relevant documents like quotes or product specifications.


Improved Transparency:

POR forms promote transparency by documenting the justification and purpose behind each purchase request.

Streamlined Purchasing Process:

They initiate a formal process, ensuring all necessary information is collected before issuing a purchase order.

Budgetary Control:

By requiring approvals, POR forms help control spending and ensure purchases align with departmental budgets.

Efficient Vendor Selection:

Justification sections can highlight preferred vendors and reasons for their selection.

Reduced Errors:

Structured forms minimize the risk of errors in order details and specifications compared to informal requests.

Audit Trail:

POR forms create a documented record of the purchase request process, aiding in audits and future reference.

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