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Travel Consent Form

Travel Consent Form


A travel consent form provides legal authorization and parental consent for a minor to travel with a specific person, institution, or group. The travel consent mentions the child, the travel’s purpose, and the journey’s duration. Below is a sample of a school trip consent form.

Travel Consent Form

Travel Consent Form

Download the Travel Consent Form Template, customize it according to your needs, and Print it. Travel Consent Form Template is either in MS Word or Editable PDF.

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Clear and Concise:

The template presents information in a straightforward manner, using simple language and a clear layout.

Essential Information:

It includes crucial details like the child’s name, age, guardian’s contact information, and the trip’s destination and dates.

Legal Guardian Confirmation:

The template explicitly requires the legal guardian’s signature and contact information, emphasizing parental consent.

Destination Details:

It allows for specifying multiple destinations, providing flexibility for various trip itineraries.


Streamlined Consent Process:

The template simplifies the process of obtaining parental consent for school trips.

Legal Compliance:

By clearly outlining the guardian’s consent and contact information, the template helps ensure compliance with legal requirements.

Clear Communication:

The template fosters clear communication between the school and parents regarding the trip details.

Emergency Contact Information:

The inclusion of contact information is crucial for handling emergencies during the trip.

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