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Tattoo Release Form

Tattoo Release Form


Tattoos are permanent and become a lifelong part of someone’s body. Tattoo artists and studios take precautions to protect their reputations by using tattoo release forms. This form serves as a vital agreement between the tattoo applicant and the tattoo artist or studio. It outlines and clarifies important clauses and considerations after the completion of the tattoo artwork on the applicant’s body.

Both parties provide the required information to validate this form, including artwork details and personal prerequisites.

Tattoo Release Form
Tattoo Release Form

What is a Tattoo Release Form?

A tattoo release form is a legal document that is used to establish an understanding and consent between a tattoo artist and their client. It outlines important terms and conditions related to the tattooing process, such as the client’s consent, acknowledgement of risks involved, and release of liability for the tattoo artist or studio. The form typically includes information about the tattoo design, placement, size, colour, and any specific instructions provided by the client. By signing this release form, both parties confirm their understanding and agreement, ensuring a transparent and mutually beneficial relationship throughout the tattooing process.

What is on Tattoo Release Form?

This form begins by collecting essential information from both parties involved. The applicant provides their personal details, such as full name, date of birth, address, phone number, and email address. Additionally, the form captures specific tattoo-related information, including a detailed description of the artwork, its placement on the body, desired size, preferred colours, and any reference images provided. It also emphasizes the importance of hygiene and cleanliness in the tattooing process, ensuring the use of sterile instruments to produce the desired artwork.

The form also includes a section for minors, where parental or legal guardian consent is required if the applicant is under 18 years old. The parent or legal guardian must provide their signature alongside the applicant’s signature.

By completing and signing this agreement form, both parties demonstrate their understanding and agreement with the specified clauses. It helps ensure transparency, clear communication, and mutual consent, fostering a professional and responsible tattooing experience.

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