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Software Inventory Form

Software Inventory Form


Software inventory form is the complete list of software’s which are kept by an organization or a company. This type of form helps the company to know the complete details of the present software so that they can be managed properly as per the needs and requirements.

Software Inventory Template
Software Inventory Template

You can Download the Software Inventory Form Template, customize it according to your needs, and also Print it. Software Inventory Form Template is either in MS Word or Editable PDF.

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Software Information:

The table in the template allows you to record details about each software program in your inventory.

Software Name:

This section allows you to specify the name of the software application.


You can record the specific version number of the software.

License Type:

Here you can specify the type of license for the software, such as commercial, open-source, or trial.

Number of Licenses:

Record the number of user licenses you have for the software.

Installed On (optional):

This section allows you to list the computers where the software is installed.

Purchase Date (optional):

You can include a column to record the date the software was purchased.

Maintenance Expiry Date (optional):

Here you can record the expiry date for the software’s maintenance or support agreement, if applicable.


Improved Software License Management:

The template helps you track the software licenses you have for each program. This ensures you are compliant with software licensing agreements and also avoid any legal issues.

Software Asset Tracking:

It allows you to keep track of all the software programs you own or use within your organization, preventing unauthorized software usage.

Cost Optimization:

By having a clear overview of your software inventory, you can identify unused licenses and also potentially renegotiate your software subscriptions with vendors to optimize costs.

Standardized Reporting:

The template ensures a consistent format for recording software inventory data, simplifying the process of generating reports.

Improved IT Asset Management:

The software inventory template integrates with your overall IT asset management practices, providing a centralized view of all your software assets.

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