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Sample Interview Form

Sample Interview Form


An interview is a conversation between two or more people where one party asks questions of the other to gather information. Interviews are often used in hiring processes but can also be used for other purposes, such as market research or customer satisfaction surveys.

There are many different types of interviews, but they all share some common elements. First, the interviewer has a goal in mind. They may try to gather information about the interviewee’s qualifications, experience, or personality. Second, the interviewer asks questions. These questions should be clear, concise, and relevant to the goal of the interview. Third, the interviewee answers the questions. The interviewee should be honest and provide complete and accurate information.

A sample interview fillable PDF form is a tool that can help you conduct structured interviews. This type of interview follows a set of predetermined questions and answers. This can help ensure all interviews are conducted consistently and all critical information is gathered.

Sample Interview PDF Form is a fully customizable template. This means that you can add your questions and answers to fit the specific needs of your interview. You can also change the formatting of the form to match your branding.

Once you have completed the form, save it as a PDF to interview potential employees, clients, or other stakeholders.

Sample Interview Fillable PDF Template
Sample Interview Fillable PDF Template

Download the Sample Interview Form post; customize it to your needs, and Print it. Sample Interview Form is either in MS Word or Editable PDF.

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Sample Interview Fillable PDF Form has features that make it the perfect solution for structured interviews. Here are just a few of the things you can do with this template:

  • Conduct structured interviews quickly and easily.
  • Add your questions and answers.
  • Save the form as a PDF.
  • Print the form.
  • Share the state with the interviewee.


Sample Interview Fillable PDF Form offers several benefits, including:

  • Efficiency: This form can help you save time and hassle by automating the interview process.
  • Accuracy: This form is designed to help you gather accurate and consistent information from the interviewee.
  • Documentation: The form can be used as documentation to support your hiring decisions.
  • Customizability: You can customize the form to fit your specific needs.


Sample Interview Fillable PDF Form is a powerful tool to help you conduct structured interviews. If you are looking for a way to streamline your interview process and gather accurate information from your interviewees, then this template is a must-have.

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