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Sample Commercial Invoice Form

Sample Commercial Invoice Form


A sample commercial invoice form is normally used in foreign trade. It is necessary for customs to classify commodities in order to calculate the tariffs. It is mandatory for a commercial invoice to include the goods, country of origin, and the product codes.

Sample Commercial Invoice Form
Sample Commercial Invoice Form
Sample Commercial Invoice Form
Sample Commercial Invoice Form

You can Download the Sample Commercial Invoice Form Template, customize it according to your needs, and Print it. Sample Commercial Invoice Form Template is either in MS Word or Editable PDF.

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Buyer Information:

A dedicated section to record the name and address of the company or person receiving the goods (importer).

Terms of Sale:

A field to specify the agreed-upon terms of sale, which may include incoterms (international commerce terms) that outline responsibilities of the buyer and seller regarding transportation, insurance, and customs clearance.

Reason for Export:

A section to specify the reason for exporting the goods (e.g., commercial sale, return for repair).

Shipper Information:

A section to record the details of the party shipping the goods. This may include the seller’s information if they are also responsible for shipping, or it could be a freight forwarding company.

Consignee Information:

A section to record the details of the party who will ultimately receive the goods. This may be the same as the buyer (importer), or it could be a third-party recipient like a warehouse or fulfillment center.

Product Information:

A table to specify the details of the products being shipped.


Sections to calculate the subtotal, any applicable taxes or charges (e.g., freight charges, insurance), and the total invoice amount.

Payment Terms:

A clear outline of the accepted payment methods and any associated terms (e.g., net 30 days).



A template ensures a consistent format for recording commercial invoice data, simplifying the process for creating invoices that meet customs regulations in different countries.


The pre-defined sections help you ensure that all essential information required for a commercial invoice is included, reducing the risk of errors or delays during customs clearance.


Using a template saves time compared to creating an invoice from scratch.


A comprehensive template helps you ensure that all relevant details about the shipment are recorded on the invoice.


The template promotes clear communication between the exporter, importer, and any other parties involved in the international transaction.

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