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Petty Cash Requisition Form

Petty Cash Requisition Form

A patty cash requisition form is a document which is officially drafted and is used in the case when an employee or worker of a company requires a certain sum of money which is classified as ‘petty cash’ for some official work.

Petty Cash Requisition Template
Petty Cash Requisition Template
 Online Petty Cash Requisition Template
Online Petty Cash Requisition Template
Petty Cash Requisition Template
Petty Cash Requisition Template

These forms are available in almost all working organisations to enable its employees to request small sum of money to carry out various official tasks.

You can Download the Petty Cash Requisition Template, customize it according to your needs, and Print it. Petty Cash Requisition Template is either in MS Word or Editable PDF.

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Request Details:

The form captures essential information about the requested funds,

Amount Requested:

Clearly specifies the exact amount of cash needed.

Purpose of Expense:

Provides a brief description of what the money will be used for (e.g., office supplies, postage).

Date Requested:

Documents the date the request is submitted.

Requestor Information:

Identifies the employee requesting the funds.

Approval Section:

Provides designated areas for authorized personnel (e.g., supervisor, manager) to approve or deny the request. This ensures proper oversight and control over spending.


Enhanced Control:

The form establishes a clear process for requesting and approving petty cash disbursements. This minimizes unauthorized spending and misuse of funds.

Improved Tracking:

The documented record on the form helps track petty cash usage, ensuring a transparent and accountable system.

Simplified Reconciliation:

Completed requisition forms serve as crucial documentation during the petty cash reconciliation process, where the physical cash amount is verified against recorded expenditures.

Budget Monitoring:

By analyzing petty cash requests over time, businesses can gain insights into spending patterns and identify potential areas for cost savings.

Streamlined Workflow:

The standardized format ensures a consistent and efficient process for requesting and approving petty cash, saving time and effort for both employees and accounting personnel.

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