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Landlord Inspection Form

Landlord Inspection Form

Landlord inspection form is used to record the condition and maintenance habits of the tenants. It enables the landlord to stop abuse of property before serious damage occurs.  This document also keeps the landlord fully informed on the state of the property. Below is a sample landlord inspection form.

Landlord Inspection Form
Landlord Inspection Form

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Inspection Checklists:

These pre-defined lists ensure a thorough inspection of each room and appliance, covering walls, floors, ceilings, plumbing, electrical systems, smoke detectors, etc. You can customize the checklists to fit the specific property.

Condition Rating Options:

These options allow you to easily record the condition of each item (e.g., excellent, good, fair, poor, damaged).

Comments Section:

This section provides space to elaborate on specific issues or observations from the inspection.


Reduces Move-Out Disputes:

A detailed move-in inspection form establishes a baseline for the property’s condition before the tenant occupies it. This helps avoid disagreements later about who is responsible for pre-existing damage.

Protects Your Security Deposit:

With a documented move-out inspection report, you can withhold justified deductions from the security deposit to cover tenant-caused damages beyond normal wear and tear.

Tracks Maintenance Needs:

Regular inspections can help identify minor maintenance issues before they become larger problems. Early intervention saves money and prevents unnecessary inconvenience for the tenant.

Provides Peace of Mind:

Both you and your tenant have peace of mind knowing there’s a clear record of the property’s condition throughout the tenancy.

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