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Industry Verification Form

Industry Verification Form


The Industry Verification form is a mandatory file which is sent to all industrial establishments on regular basis. This is done by the Annual Refiling Survey which uses this form to gather information, especially tax information, about different industries.

Industry Verification Template
Industry Verification Template
Industry Verification Template
Industry Verification Template

You can Download the Industry Verification Template, customize it according to your needs, and Print it. Industry Verification Template is either in MS Word or Editable PDF.

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Industry Selection:

Allows specifying the industry being verified (e.g., construction, healthcare, education).

Applicant Information:

Captures details about the business or individual seeking verification, such as name, contact information, and business license number (if applicable).

Verification Criteria:

Outlines the specific requirements or documents needed to confirm industry membership (e.g., professional licenses, certifications, memberships in industry associations).

Verification Response:

Provides space for a designated verifying body (e.g., industry association, government agency) to confirm or deny the industry affiliation and provide details like verification date and validity period.

Security Features:

May include options like tamper-evident seals or digital verification codes to enhance authenticity.



Ensures consistency and clarity in the verification process across different organizations.


Saves time and resources by providing a pre-defined format for collecting and presenting verification information.


Provides a formal document that can be used to demonstrate industry affiliation to potential clients, partners, or regulatory bodies.


Reduces the risk of fraud by offering features that enhance the document’s authenticity.


Makes the verification process more accessible by providing a readily available template for download or online use.

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