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Home Inspection Report Form

Home Inspection Report Form


External Section of Building:

The electrical wiring system of the building is not sufficiently covered, and this poses a hazard to the homeowner and anyone who may come into contact with these wires. A professional electrician is required to resolve this potentially dangerous problem.

The Roof:

The gutters on the roof should be cleared because an accumulation of dirt and debris has hampered the drainage system.


To prevent contamination of domestic water, the plumbing system requires a device to stop dirty water from flowing back into the domestic water pipes.

Electrical Connections:

Some of the electric wires in the bedrooms and bathrooms are not properly connected, which can easily lead to a short circuit. A qualified electrician can quickly resolve the problem.

Home Interior:

Some of the walls inside the house have wet spots that are evident of moisture collecting within the walls that were probably caused by leakage. The source of leakage needs to be located and dealt with to prevent further dampening of walls.

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