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Family Reunion Survey Form

Family Reunion Survey Template

A family reunion survey form is a document which used to gather information about an individual’s reunion programs with his family. The form gives an idea that how often the person has a reunion with his family and what he would like to see in such a reunion.

Family Reunion Survey Template
Family Reunion Survey Template

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Gauge interest and collect RSVPs to estimate the number of attendees.

Date and Time Preferences:

Identify the most convenient dates and times for the majority of family members.

Location Preferences:

Gather input on preferred locations (e.g., park, rental hall) or interest in hosting the reunion at someone’s home.

Activities and Events:

Collect suggestions for activities, entertainment, or specific events attendees would like to see included.

Food Preferences:

Identify dietary restrictions and preferences to guide menu planning.

Accommodation Needs:

Help gauge the need for hotel block reservations or on-site accommodation options.

Budget Considerations:

Gather input on acceptable contribution amounts or preferred fundraising methods (if applicable).

Open-Ended Questions:

Include space for additional thoughts, suggestions, or family stories to contribute.


Improved Planning:

Data from the survey helps plan a reunion that caters to the interests and needs of the majority of attendees.

Increased Participation:

Feeling involved in the planning process can boost family member excitement and encourage participation.

Reduced Costs:

Understanding preferences for location, food, and activities can help control reunion costs.

Accommodating Diverse Needs:

Dietary restrictions and accessibility concerns can be addressed effectively with survey input.

Creating Shared Memories:

Gathering family stories and suggestions can contribute to a more meaningful and memorable reunion experience.

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