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Exercise Release Form

Exercise Release Form


An Exercise release form is provided by those organizations or departments conducting any exercise and needs the participants to fulfill some formalities.

These forms are used when the individuals are released from their exercise by the concerned department or the organization.

Exercise Release Template
Exercise Release Template

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General Information:

Title of Organization/Department

Participant Information:

Name of the participant
Mailing address
Phone number
Emergency contact number

Exercise Release Information:

Date of the exercise
Location of the exercise
Supervised by


Statement about agreeing to the terms and conditions of the exercise program
Acknowledgment of understanding the exercise schedule and affiliated activities
Understanding of the risks and also dangers associated with the exercise program
Waiver of all claims against the organization


Protection for the Organization:

The form helps protect the organization from liability in case of any injuries sustained by participants during the exercise program.

Informed Participation:

By signing the form, participants acknowledge the potential risks involved and agree to participate voluntarily.

Medical Disclosure:

The form may encourage participants to disclose any pre-existing medical conditions that could be aggravated by exercise. This can help the program supervisor tailor the activities accordingly and also ensure participant safety.

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