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Employment Reference Verification Form

Employment Reference Verification Form


An employment reference verification form is a document which contains a set of questions to an individual [representing a company or a business enterprise] regarding the employment of another individual.

Employment Reference Verification Template
Employment Reference Verification Template

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Candidate Information:

Includes sections to capture details about the candidate, such as name, job title, and the position they applied for within your company.

Reference Contact Details:

Provides space to record contact information for the references the candidate provided, including name, title, company, email address, and phone number.

Verification of Employment:

Allows confirmation of the candidate’s employment dates, job title, and responsibilities at the previous company.

Work Performance Evaluation:

May include sections for the reference to rate the candidate on a scale or provide narrative feedback

Strengths and Weaknesses:

Prompts the reference to elaborate on the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses relevant to the specific role.

Eligibility for Rehire:

Asks the reference if they would be willing to re-hire the candidate and why or why not.

Open-Ended Questions:

Offers space for the reference to provide additional comments or insights about the candidate’s work style, personality, or suitability for the new position.


Improved Hiring Decisions:

Information gathered from references helps verify the candidate’s qualifications, skills, and work history as presented on their resume and during interviews.

Enhanced Efficiency:

Standardized templates streamline the reference verification process, saving time and effort compared to creating questions from scratch for each reference.

Consistent Evaluation:

The template ensures all references are asked the same core questions using similar scales or formats, allowing for a more objective and comparable evaluation of the candidate’s performance across different workplaces.

Reduced Bias:

Predefined questions help minimize bias during the reference check by focusing on specific job-related criteria rather than relying solely on memory or subjective impressions.

Legal Compliance:

The template can be designed to comply with relevant local and also national regulations regarding reference checks, ensuring the process is conducted fairly and ethically.

Better Candidate Fit:

Insights from references can help identify candidates who are not only qualified but also good cultural fit for your company and also the specific role.

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