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Divorce Settlement Form

Divorce Settlement Form


A divorce settlement form is used to mention the details of the settlement pre- and also post-divorce. The divorce settlement form has details mentioned on the parties involved i.e., the husband and the wife, the details of children (if any), property and also automobile details if in possession, bank accounts and also loans taken. The subsequent division of all these assets and liabilities are also henceforth mentioned. The following is a sample divorce settlement form that can give you a greater idea on it.

Divorce Settlement Template
Divorce Settlement Template
Divorce Settlement Template
Divorce Settlement  Template
Divorce Settlement Template

You can Download the Divorce Settlement Form Template, customize it according to your needs, and Print it. Divorce Settlement Form Template is either in MS Word or Editable PDF.

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Parties Involved:

The template clearly identifies the spouses involved in the divorce by name and also address.

Marital Assets and Debts:

It provides sections to outline all marital assets and debts subject to division, including property, bank accounts, retirement funds, vehicles, and also business interests.

Spousal Support:

The template may include a section dedicated to spousal support agreements, outlining the amount, duration, and also conditions of any payments from one spouse to the other.

Child Custody and Support:

If children are involved, the template typically includes sections for child custody arrangements (including physical and legal custody), visitation schedules, and also child support payment details.

Tax Considerations:

There may be a section to address tax implications arising from the settlement, such as the division of tax liabilities and deductions.


The template includes a designated area for both spouses and possibly their attorneys to sign and also date the agreement.


Clarity and Comprehensiveness:

The template helps ensure all essential aspects of the divorce settlement are addressed in a clear and also organized manner, reducing the risk of overlooking important details.


Using a template can save time and also money compared to having a lawyer draft a settlement agreement from scratch.


The template can help to ensure a fairer settlement by prompting both parties to consider all relevant financial issues.

Starting Point for Negotiations:

The template can serve as a starting point for negotiations between the spouses and their attorneys before finalizing the agreement.

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