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Contractor Completion Form

Contractor Completion Form


A contractor completion form is an official document issued after the complete operation of a certain contract, and also provided with spaces to fill in with details of the contract and the procedure for its successful completion.

This type of a form framed by some authorized agency or company that would consider the parameters for the particular form and also include them in the specific manner, thereby providing a professional touch to the document.

Contractor Completion Form
Contractor Completion Form
Contractor Completion Template
Contractor Completion Template

You can Download the Contractor Completion Form Template, customize it according to your needs, and Print it. Contractor Completion Template is either in MS Word or Editable PDF.

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Project Information:

Identifies the property owner, contractor, and also the project details.

Completion Date:

Specifies the date the project was completed.

Description of Work:

A section summarizing the work performed by the contractor. This may reference the original contract for more details.

Change Orders :

A section to list any change orders approved during the project that may have affected the original scope of work or final cost.


A section for the property owner to sign and date, signifying their acceptance of the completed work.

Final Payment:

May include a section referencing the final payment amount due to the contractor.

Warranty Information:

May include details regarding the warranty period offered by the contractor on the materials and also workmanship.


Project Completion Documentation:

The form serves as a record documenting the completion of the project by the contractor. This can help also ensure all agreed-upon work has been finished before making the final payment.

Acceptance and Warranty Information:

Signing the form signifies the property owner’s acceptance of the completed work. It may also include details regarding the warranty provided by the contractor on the materials and workmanship.

Final Payment Authorization:

A signed completion form typically triggers the release of the final payment from the property owner.

Protection from Disputes:

A completed and signed form serves as documentation that the contractor has fulfilled their contractual obligations. This can help protect contractors from disputes regarding the completion of the project.

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