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Property Inventory Form

Property Inventory Form


Property inventory form is filled up before, during and after the tenancy in any property. This form is very essential as it helps to keep track of all the inventory pieces and the condition in which the property is in. A sample property inventory form has been compiled for your reference.

Property Inventory Template
Property Inventory Template

You can Download the Property Inventory Form Template, customize it according to your needs, and Print it. Property Inventory Template is either in MS Word or Editable PDF.

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Property Details:

The template captures basic information about the property,


Name of property owner (blank in the image)
Address of the concerned property (blank in the image)
Type of property:
land/ rooms for residential purpose / rooms for commercial purpose

Lease/Rent Details:

The template allows specifying:
Type of deal: lease / rent
What is the rate of rent being charged for the property? (blank in the image)

Room Inventory:

The template provides sections to list the quantity of the following items in each room (blank in the image):

Bedroom: bed, pillow, mattress, blanket, cupboard, pillow cover, mattress cover, lamp, air conditioner, side table, chair, and also mirror
Bathroom: toilet bowl, basin, shower cubicle, bathroom cupboard
Living cum dining: dining table, set of six chairs, sofa set, and also centre table


Improved Communication:

Establishes a clear record of the property’s condition and also contents at the start of lease or tenancy, reducing potential misunderstandings between landlords and also tenants.

Security Deposit Protection:

Serves as a reference point for resolving disputes regarding security deposit deductions due to pre-existing damage.

Damage Tracking:

Helps track any changes in the property’s condition over time, identifying potential maintenance needs or tenant responsibility for damages.

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